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    James & Isabel

    christnthms 04-14-2014, 08:46 PM Go to last post

    The pool guy

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    The Cruise - Part II

    Tahoecple 03-24-2014, 09:55 PM Go to last post

    The Cruise

    Tahoecple 03-24-2014, 09:45 PM Go to last post
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    by Published on 04-14-2014 08:46 PM
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    2. singles,
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    4. first time

    James' head is spinning as he pulls out of the parking lot. The emotional revelation and activity of the last three days ...
    by Published on 03-25-2014 08:01 PM  Number of Views: 1172 

    It was a hot summer afternoon and the Wisconsin Humidity was overpowering to say the least. I was working in the garden ...
    by Published on 03-24-2014 09:55 PM  Number of Views: 635 

    This is a continuation from our story “The Cruise”

    The day after we partied with Lynn and Steve the wives ...
    by Published on 03-24-2014 09:45 PM  Number of Views: 799 

    We were approaching our twentieth anniversary. Our twentieth anniversary marked an odyssey for us that began when Linda ...
    by Published on 03-20-2014 09:42 AM  Number of Views: 2771 

    I figured you might like this story about Kelley's Birthday Present to me last year.

    Follow me to the gym ...
    by Published on 02-07-2014 05:51 PM  Number of Views: 4129 

    Disclaimer: The events in this story are real. These are actual experiences we had after we started swinging, which progressed ...
    by Published on 02-05-2014 11:54 PM  Number of Views: 3719 

    My beautiful sexy wife knows how much I enjoy watching her fuck. We have discussed this many times, watched gangbang porn, ...


    by Published on 02-03-2014 07:33 AM  Number of Views: 1251 

    By J. Funston
    How long had she been alone? The room was still with the exception of the television ...
    by Published on 12-31-2013 08:35 AM  Number of Views: 3604 

    The week before Christmas we parted on a long awaited vacation to a tropical paradise. We had saved our money for this two ...
    by Published on 12-24-2013 06:58 AM  Number of Views: 4358 

    Let me start by saying that my wife Linda and I have been together for many year. The glue that’s held us together has ...
    by Published on 12-10-2013 04:31 PM  Number of Views: 2351 

    Before I even opened my eyes that morning the smell of coffee and bacon filled my senses. I stretched trying to clear my ...
    by Published on 12-04-2013 09:23 PM  Number of Views: 3353 

    Looking back on it now the timing for Pam’s party was perfect. Linda had less than twenty-four hours to think about attending ...
    by Published on 12-02-2013 10:35 AM

    Bobby and Molly rolled apart basking in the warm after glow of a lazy orgasm in which both came together. Molly reached ...
    by Published on 12-02-2013 06:24 AM  Number of Views: 2244 

    This is a continuation of the “New Neighbors” story were we told about our first meeting Dave and Sandy. If you haven’t ...
    by Published on 12-01-2013 01:11 PM  Number of Views: 3435 

    This story is a continuation of our story “The Beginning” which was about the catalyst which brought Linda to agree to bringing ...
    by Published on 11-28-2013 09:00 AM  Number of Views: 2447 

    Linda and I were spending a quiet Saturday night at home watching TV together. My eyes were starting to get tired and I ...
    by Published on 11-26-2013 12:47 PM  Number of Views: 1519 

    This is the continuation from “The Beginning Part 1” to bring context to this part of the story you should start the story ...
    by Published on 11-26-2013 12:42 PM  Number of Views: 1725 

    I have written a number of stories about the adventures we've had swinging over the years. The story that I haven’t told ...
    by Published on 11-25-2013 11:27 AM

    Molly arrived home at around midnight after an evening of high powered sex with her two favourite men. As she walked into ...
    by Published on 11-19-2013 01:47 PM

    An event happened this past June that surprised and thrilled me. My wife of twelve years, 60 year old Martha, became a sexual ...

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